About Us

Sickluggage is at the intersection of imagination, music, live and online social interaction, and design. We are a Bay Area-based company that creates and ethically manufactures innovative, visually engaging mobile speakers that let anyone create an instant party anywhere. Our accessible price point and network of DJs, cultural influencers, makers, and affiliate partners incentivize people to build communities, share music, and create a broad user base to drive our music/social platform to a wide global audience.

Noel Rabinowitz Founder, Inventor

The company was founded by Noel Rabinowitz in 2016. Noel graduated from Brown University with degrees in physics and visual arts before starting his career working on social justice issues. He worked as a multimedia programmer in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area before working as a product manager in Marketing Automation for nearly four years. Noel has built many musical instruments and is now building instruments of music. Noel founded Sickluggage in 2016.

Chase was the first person to join Noel at Sickluggage following 15 years of experience building and managing small and large scale production operations, leading product and creative development teams and creating business development opportunities in the convergence space of entertainment and technology. He has managed production operations for television, digital, and live events, and is passionate about cultivating synergies between technology and humans.

Chase Pierson Chief Advisor on Revenue and Ops
Ada Shen Chief Advisor on
Corporate Ethics

Ada has spent the last 18 years working in media and entertainment in Beijing, where she has developed deep expertise in social responsibility and strategic philanthropy. She works with a wide range of companies, non-profits, ​and civil society orgs​​ to ​address ​pressing social challenges. Ada graduated from San Francisco State University in drawing and painting.

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