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It's  Not  a  Boombox ...  It's  a  Shaboombox

Sickluggage creates brilliant portable units and apps to make music human again. Inspire conversations with other music lovers who recognize your individual style. Connect the gap between the old-school boombox and the new-school Internets. Kick it like people are meant to: out loud, with character and sensational shaboom.

Shebaby Custom

It's a bird, it's a plane. It wants to hug you.

2 drivers. 150 Watts. 10 lbs

Starting at $1601

Custom shop orders delivered in 4-6 weeks

Shaboombox Custom

Look good. Sound good. All good.

5 drivers. 200 Watts, 15 lbs.

Starting at $2501

Call us to talk about your dream box

Cabbie Custom

Bring your amp head and your style

12" guitar speaker cab

Starting at $1101

A powered amp version available soon

That !@#% is sick. .. that is some very loud luggage.  How does Stormzy sound on there?

Rich, UK

As a bootcamp leader, this will help me inspire people. Every trainer, coach, BMX biker whatever ... needs Sickluggage

Erin Shirey

All I wanted as a teenager was a boombox to take to the lake or the river. This is calling me back to that feeling.

Mike Battle 

People: smile, connect,  and shake it.

These are cool speakers. I've never seen anything like it. I could see a lot of people getting this for their homes.

Freemont, CA

That thing is seriously the most bad ass music making unit of destruction I've ever bought.

Shawn Keeler 
Musician, DJ

Sickluggage has really ingenious designs -- very creative. And it sounds really clear.

Pool player

Sickluggage is at the intersection of imagination, music, live and online social interaction, and design. We are a Bay Area-based company that creates and ethically manufactures innovative, visually engaging mobile speakers that let anyone create an instant party anywhere. Our accessible price point and network of DJs, cultural influencers, makers, and affiliate partners incentivize people to build communities, share music, and create a broad user base to drive our music/social platform to a wide global audience.

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