SICKLUGGAGE Builds one of a kind hand made boomboxes and guitar amps that are built to last a decade or greater.
Why Do We Do It?
WHY? SICKLUGGAGE exists, because just like you, it must exist. Our purpose is to spread the feeling you get when you share music together. We have produced a line of truly durable, reliable, repairable, visually interchangeable portable audio devices. SICKLUGGAGE does not replace your headphones, but just like another tool, it enhances your quality of life. SICKLUGGAGE knows if you truly loves music, this will give you enjoyment every day you flip the switch and play your favorite music out loud. We truly want everyone to have the feeling these instruments have provided to each person who it has come in contact with. We believe music should, when the opportunity allows, be shared out loud and with others, if at all possible. We have seen these instruments bring people together, perfect strangers have become friends, spontaneous dance parties are common, bouncers get mad, because the party keeps going. Why? Because music puts people at ease. Music is the ultimate language that ignores all borders, both in the world as well as in our minds. Music heals and SICKLUGGAGE is a healing box. So join us, ask us to build a case for you. It would be our profound honor to aid in changing your life in a meaningful, positive and lasting way.
Music Matters

Welcome to SICKLUGGAGE Custom Shop where we make amazing portable audio devices for musicians and lovers of music.

Our boomboxes and stereo solid-state guitar amps and cabinets are designed to deliver maximum clarity and to last for a decades. In a world of disposable culture we offer an alternative to bi-annual bluetooth speaker replacement. With our vibe face systems you can make what ever case you order change in look to infinity. Unlimited custom choices from your own art to exotic hardwoods. Vibefaces work on any case type, but each model has its own size.

We Will Change with you:

Let’s say, in five years you get a phone with a new bluetooth that is unsupported? SICKLUGGAGE will be there to REPAIR your case, not replace it, or toss it in the dump; every part can be replaced and upgraded. SICKLUGGAGE will change with you because it is the company you keep, in more ways than one.
Case Types
We offer three base material options for each model, Aluminum, CHOP, and. THE KIT. Aluminum is designed to last and NEVER make it to a landfill. The sides are made of an amazing looking brushed aluminum, so its lightweight and durable. The sound board and back of the case is made of 10 mm plywood with a hardwood vainer that you can choose in cedar, walnut, spruce, oak or curly maple. When you tap on the back of this model it sounds very similar to an acoustic guitar, and we consider it more then a speaker, its a musical instrument. This material choice provides a very real acoustic sound, with bass clarity that is unmatched in a speaker this size. There are systems that deliver more bass, but we have focused on representational clarity. The CHOP represents really where SICKLUGGAGE started, creating bluetooth speakers by literally chopping an electronics engineer’s case, as you would see many technicians carry in IT and hardware design and testing. With a jigsaw in a case that is 18”x13”x6”. The interior SICKLUGGAGE adds a custom frame system cut from plywoods with a laser, purpose built to fit the amp and strengthen the case to accommodate the added weight of the speakers. The back remains intact in the CHOP box. There is also a divider so the case remains luggage, with the space on an average laptop or messenger bag. The KIT is the CHOP, unassembled, for the handy hacker. We literally ship the case intact, with all the parts inside, unglued, unscrewed and ready for assembly. You just need an internet connection to watch the build videos, but no soldering required, just glue, a screwdriver, and a jigsaw. Most towns have a tool library, so google it. This is our most affordable option as we make like zero money on it and just want people to get to check out how to make a SICKLUGGAGE for themselves. We also have reseller programs if you want to make a KIT and sell it to whomever, or even open a store on our store.
Models Citizens
Our flagship model, SHABOOM offers Bluetooth 4.2 and 3.5mm inputs, delivers a 7 speaker 2.1 channel (150 effective RMS watts) system that really shines. With its 12 hour 18v litho-ion battery pack you can bring the party anywhere. The case is a sealed back with two passive radiators in the eye position of the box, and two downward bass reflex tubes to allow the box to breath. SHABOOM offers slightly deeper bass in the CHOP case, but the Aluminum model is louder and more precise in the bass regions. Both boxes have two full ranges 3 inch speakers, two titanium bullet tweeters, and one 5.5“ woofer. This box does not sound like a normal bluetooth portable speaker, it will fill a room or rock a garbage can at 2 am. It delivers on sound in such a significant way it turns heads on the sound alone where ever it goes. The people see it. It blows minds. With a $40 add on you can rock two boxes from your phone at once with our wall of sound add on.