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Our Story

SICKLUGGAGE was invented out of necessity.
Noel (now our CEO) wanted to buy a sound system for house parties, for the road, for family camping. Something portable that sounds great. A system reminiscent of a boombox, for fun gatherings, instead of always being in the headphones.

Looking at the bluetooth speaker options, there was simply nothing that’s outgoing like a boombox and that sounds musical like an instrument – so he built his own. The night the first prototype took to the streets with friends from his day job, the box took on a life of its own.

On that first night, the name SICKLUGGAGE popped out of the air in a hotel room full of revelers. Since then it has started so many parties, conversations and friendships.

Bringing good energy and good sound gathers great people and bright ideas wherever it goes. People who see it, they ask “WTF?” And people who get what it’s about, quickly love it and often they say they want one. That’s how we knew we had a solution to some problem that’s worth solving.

As we took our time on realistic sound and manufacturabilty, we also cracked the code; what problem does this box solve?

We think that people are starving for real-life connection to themselves and each other. We live in the most “social” world humans have ever known, yet individually we are lost, lonely and isolated. You don’t have to look far to see an ocean of overstimulation – headphones in, world out.

At a time when realness and togetherness and conversation are needed more than ever, we’re working on music technology for connection instead of isolation.